March 2013: Kodaira began the Maternal and Child Health Promotion Project as a JICA expert in Nepal.
June 2015: Kodaira started the Primary Healthcare Improvement Project in Honduras as a JICA expert, initiating investigations into the causes of neonatal mortality and conducting clinical research with portable ultrasound.
October 2017: Midwife Nakagawa began her activities in Honduras as a JICA volunteer.
April 2018: Kodaira engaged in clinical activities and conducted clinical research on the introduction of portable ultrasound at Princess Christian Maternity Hospital in Sierra Leone.
July 2019: The inaugural general meeting of the Society for Delivering Maternal and Child Healthcare Worldwide was held, and it was registered and certified as a Nonprofit Organization in Tokyo.
April 2021: Initiated the Sierra Leone Perinatal Care Project.
June 2021: Participated in joint research funded by AMED.
February 2022: Began outreach activities in Lugbu Chiefdom, Sierra Leone.