Message from Chairman

As the representative of IGPC, I believe that the interaction between a mother and her baby is special and should be enjoyed everywhere in the world. Under our mission to “realize a healthy society for all mothers and children,” we focus on perinatal care.

Maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Japan have significantly decreased over the past 70 years. This improvement is attributed to various factors, including not only human resources and education related to perinatal care but also the extensive use of advanced medical equipment, which has shaped our society today.

While there is a trend of improvement in perinatal care worldwide, in low- and middle-income countries and environments with limited medical resources, it is challenging to sustainably and adequately utilize resources comparable to those in developed countries. As someone who has glimpsed perinatal care in advanced nations, we strive to achieve high-quality, low-cost, and sustainable medical care in resource-limited settings through innovation. However, what we consider to be appropriate perinatal care may not always be so, depending on the era and environment. Unbound by existing knowledge and preconceptions, and continually learning from the field, we sincerely hope that our efforts contribute to the health of all mothers and children.

Eiji Hirakawa